What's It All About?

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Let me start by saying I do not have all of the answers, so if you’ve come here looking to find the secrets on how to live life — get out now. I should probably rephrase that first sentence to say, “I do not have ANY of the answers,” but we can leave it purposes unknown. If I were to attempt to explain how life should be conducted in order to lead to a successful and fulfilling life, I would say this:

Life is to be lived.

That’s it. That is my grand idea. Short and sweet, well maybe not sweet but you get the picture. Live is to be lived, however, you want to live it. I should preface that last part by saying if you’re a murder, rapist or a child molester you probably shouldn’t be living anyways (basically anything deplorable that harms others). No, your life is to be snuffed out as quickly and painfully as possible. But, for all the rest of the upstanding people reading this, life should be lived the way you see fit. No one should be able to put you in a box. No one should be able to decide your path, or who you love or even what you wear.

Life is to be breathed

Take it in as a whole and let its air feel your lungs. Meditate on the choices you make before you make them to determine the best course for life. Take things a step at a time and understand that mistakes will happen. You are human, mistakes are a part of you and thus a part of life. Mistakes make you the dope person you are and they add to your journey. If everything went perfectly then you’d have no reason to try for anything. Accept yourself for who you are and allow no one to take from you the self-love and safe spaces you’ve created for yourself.

Life is to be…

In this space. Wherever you are, however you are, whoever you are. Unfortunately, society looks to control life and tell you that you have to be “this thin,” or “this complexion.” Society tells you that you’re too short, too dark, too black, too cultured, too proud, too fat, too bougie, too much of a hoe, too much of a saint, and at the end of the day all that shit is made up by a bunch people who don’t give a damn about you anyway.

So live life the way you intend and stomp on anyone that tries to tell you differently. Not physically, metaphorically, unless they throw hands then as Crime Mob would say “Knuck if You Buck” (It’s a classic song, listen here and thank me later).

And, while this might seem like a ramble on about how life is without giving you the secrets to life realize that life is to be designed by you and only you. Yes, there are roadblocks, systematic racism, sexism, ageism, and whatever other “isms” you can think are out there to cockblock you. Keep pushing. Why? Because someone before you decided you were worth it, so they pushed themselves so that you’d never give up.

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