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There’s not enough ink to scribe you My thesaurus has nothing on the dictionary that Is your existence There’s not enough Talent in my pen To stroke the rhythm of your blood flow Because collectively you are made up of Thunderstorms and earthquakes Unbalanced Unpredictable Unexplainable Intangibly sought after but never attainable My heart couldn’t bleed Enough passion To ever fathom your emotions To pretend that I truly understand Is insulting to your devotion Fingers can never shape you Into the masterpiece standing before me So all I can do is trash this Because words are meaningless Webster obviously Gave up trying to describe What you bring daily And while I’ve been on planet earth But I’ve never been to you Individuality at its finest Ask me to scribe it Sculpt it Paint it Create it The agony of being genius enough to write this But not enlightened enough To fully understand The magnitude it takes to Rationalize Fantasize Develop Breathe life into What you are daily Minute-less Second-less Timeless Frustratingly unattainable Ask me to scribe it Sculpt it Paint it Create it Ask me to describe it… Physically your body Dipped in mahogany Rich like chocolate sweet Overtaking my taste buds Cream poured into straight black Causing a caramel seduction I can try to describe it But words can do nothing to bring you justice And I can’t draw So I can’t paint it And I can’t mold So I can’t shape it And though I can use these letters to form words My mind still couldn’t create it Simply put you were Completely and utterly Made to be Unexplainable

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