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Trance by Lounda Charelus

Photo by Zac Wolff

Woman. Man. Person.

How magical are they,

Limbs extending and reaching like branches, like leaves climbing to meet the sun.

Lips full, illuminated, in perfection.


Simple. Complex. Phenomenal.

Pupils that dance in globes of darkness,

There’s a shimmer in them.

Pools of emotions,

I find myself getting lost in their vastness.

Admiring from afar,

Brows arched,

Like the curves on her sides,

The smalls of her back.

Stiffened, like his broad shoulders.

Watching the body sway, side to side,

Getting lost in every stride.

Not objectifying but regarding this magical being with warm approval.

Not sexual either,

Just admiring the structure that adorns this beauty.


Humanity is precious and lovely.

I just wanted to let you know,

How powerful you are,

That even when you walk, I’m captivated by your grace.

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