That Was Then by Mar Na Carter

Photo by Jeffrey Erhunse on Unsplash

I thought I could capture heaven in a bottle

That was then, this is now.

I held on to the fireflies that lit up our nights

The butterflies that flipped in our bodies as we touched

But that was then and this is now

Just when I had the heart to bare a soul

Or give from my heart raw unpurified gold

Baring flaws and all

It was spoken that was us, but not anymore

Because this is now, and our love was back then

When we didn’t have to say words

But knew feelings of passion

I felt you in my sleep

And felt you even miles away from me

I stopped by to say I don’t want it to be then

I want it to be now

And no one has shaken my ground like you

No one has moved my stance

But you

When we kissed the earth stopped orbiting

The planets were still

The oceans stopped flowing

And our love could stop hell

From spewing hate

Because we were a force that only God created

No one loved me with a force of a typhoon like you

And why do I feel no one ever will

Love me like you do, I meant like you did

My mistake for being stuck in the past

I am not a thought, a glance, you don’t even ask

So I need my mind to make my heart understand


That was then and this is now

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