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Thank Black Women by Theresa Exum-Lucas

We are Black Women.

We are Mothers and Stepmothers.

Aunties, Sisters, Partners, and Friends.

We protect you.

We stand for you.

We care for you.

We are trying to take care of ourselves.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

We are Black Women.

We are the most educated group in the country.

We are homeschooling our babies.

We are working from home and running businesses.

We are taking care of homes and the people inside them.

We are seeing our people murdered and attacked

In the news

On Twitter

On Instagram

In the streets

In our neighborhoods

At the park

At protests

Outside our homes

we have no safe space.

Our neighbors have Trump signs.

We question if we were denied because of our gender or our race, but we think it was both.

We look up safety ratings before we move our families.

We can’t sleep until our Husbands are safe in our beds.

We clench our bodies when the black and whites roll by.

We are Black Women.

We are aching.

We are tired.

We are hurt.

We are angry.

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