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Steps to Breaking Generational Curses by Rose Hope

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What exactly are generational curses or blessings? Many may hear these terms used quite often in today’s society. In this instance, I am not referring to the supernatural. Generational curses are systems of practices, actions, rituals, beliefs, and behaviors that consistently bring negativity and destruction into one’s life. These systems are passed down from generation to generation and are entertained repeatedly garnering the same toxic results. On the opposing side are generational blessings. Generational blessings consist of positive systems that bring energy, knowledge, power, strength, success and potential stability for you and the generations thereafter.

Spotting some generational curses can be simple. Look at certain parts of your life that constantly seem to be in discord. Was that issue something your mother or father struggled with? How about grandparents or great grandparents? If possible, ask family members questions who may have some answers. Dig deep inside yourself and decipher why you practice systems that bring your life no pleasure or peace. Generational curses have little to do with genetics. There are some issues that genetics do play a big role in, but genetics can’t be changed. I am speaking to things under an individual’s control - people, places and things.

Eliminating curses and maximizing blessings is very possible but not easy. As human beings, we often hold on to the familiar and fear the unknown. However, if you have come to the point where you are ready to let go of toxic systems, there are three important tasks to conquer.

1. Let go of toxic people. Some toxic people may have been in our lives for decades - they may even be family. In order to move forward and step into your blessings, toxic relationships must go. Toxic people perpetuate and feed off others’ generational curses. They study your weaknesses and keep these systems going. They may even seem supportive when you are down. Open your eyes. Someone on your team will consistently hold your hand silently as you make the same harmful mistakes over and over again. If certain people support your negative systems, they are simply toxic and must be removed in some form or fashion.

2. Let go of toxic places. There are places in everyone’s lives that bring them joy or at the very least bring them no harm. However, there are places we know cause drama in our lives, but we return anyway. I had a client who struggled with alcoholism, but after work he consistently attended bars with his friends. He explained to me that as a child, he watched his Dad walk in late from work half-drunk for 20 years until my client left home. He was able to recall the routine quite vividly. He also recalled how it hurt his family financially. He admitted his Dad was able to function with his routine much better than my client was. His life was going downhill. He had been to rehab twice, but could not bring himself to break his bar routine at that point. This is just one example of frequenting a toxic place. Close your eyes and recall all the times your life appeared to be in disarray. Where were you spending most of your time? What kept you going back? There, you will find the answers you need to move forward accordingly.

3. Let go of toxic things. Objects or tangibles can be passed down from generation to generation. Many things can transcend time easily. Anything done in excess can become toxic even if that was not the intended purpose. I will use food as an example. I have had clients who want to lose weight and improve their health. I am not speaking for aesthetic purposes, because body image should be an individualized concept. These clients had significant health issues that mandated losing weight. When speaking to them one-on-one, I would often hear stories of how growing up, their family ate tons of fried food, fast food or sweets. Then as adults in their households, they purchased the same foods and mirrored the same practices. One client had such a negative relationship with food, learned from her mother and grandmother, that she dangerously restricted her diet and developed an eating disorder. It is by no means easy to let go of things and habits that we have practiced for so long. Things that were taught to us directly or indirectly. The key is to sit down and make a list of the pros and cons of keeping these things in your life. If it is truly toxic despite the generational practices the cons column will jump off the page.

Generational curses are difficult to break in one day. You may have a system in several categories. Evaluate the people, places, and things in your life. Take a long, deep breath and commit to focusing on one. As the toxicity exits your life, you will see generations of blessings materialize. You do not have to make these life-altering changes on your own. Seek out help. As the common saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”; I will add, nor can it be destroyed in one. Therapy, group counseling, coaching, pastoral guidance, wellness programs, financial courses, community programs, and self-help books are examples of great options to assist your journey. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “These toxic systems end with me.” Don’t be afraid to say it out loud. Everything we do starts with a thought, then manifests into feelings that will lead to actions and behaviors. Recognize you have the power to incite endless generational blessings and successes starting with you 🌹

Rose Hope, Licensed Therapist (rozescorner)

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