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Updated: May 21

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Hi there, Gabzilla here! It’s been a busy week. Homelife has been hectic, to say the least, and work-life is pulling me in all types of directions. As an individual, I've always naturally moved at a quick pace. I enjoy the challenge. I like to feel busy and needed; I also feel more comfortable with control and power. While these are great qualities to have, I find myself hitting a brick wall at times. I tend to go and go until I can't any longer. I fill my plate to the max!

After multiple weeks of adjustment, it's likely some of us are reaching a burnout point, if not already. I am us. Us is me. As I found myself getting tired, frustrated, and probably just annoyed, I felt it was the perfect time to discuss burnout and ways to prevent it.

Burnout is a form of emotional exhaustion. You can be physically tired and be mentally and emotionally worn out. It's hard to win out here, folks!

In order to reduce our chances of burnout, we first must understand what is causing our crash. While there can be multiple factors, I have listed a few things below for you to ponder:

1. Do you have too many competing demands/priorities?

2. Are you losing control?

3. Do you lack support?

4. Are you working towards unrealistic goals?

5. Have you lost your "why"?

Once we determine the reason for our burnout, we can then focus on prevention. Again, while there can be multiple ways to assist, I've listed a few for you to consider:

  1. Celebrate your small wins. These small wins will keep you motivated along the way. I feel like I deserve a toast for pretty much everything as a mom of four. You should feel the same way about your day to day accomplishments. Write them down and share it with others!

  2. Connect with your "why". This is your motivation boost. Know your why and use it to push you forward when times get hard. I've heard some amazing “why's” lately like "generational wealth".

  3. Delegate. Yes, share said wealth lol. You are a boss. Tell some people what to do. Delegate tasks to your husband, your kids, your staff at work, and anyone who's around for that matter. You cannot do it all, and even if you try (which I tend to do), you lack in many areas because you've over-exerted yourself. Share the wealth!

  4. Get your control back. Ensure you're remaining organized. Use those calendars to not only keep you on task but to hold yourself accountable. Take mental health days to help you recover and come back stronger. Prioritize for success and shift your focus accordingly.

  5. Ask for help. I love a good support group, although they can be hard to come by. Take time to find a trustworthy partner in life, work, and play lol. Find someone who pushes for your success more than you do. Cherish them and reach out to them as they were placed in your life for a reason.

Let's all continue to have more self-compassion. We have to pay attention to negative impacts on our day to day lives and adjust as needed. The best advice I've received as an adult is to “take care of myself so that I can then take care of others.” This is an important factor that comes into play in our homes and in our careers...currently the same place for many.

Remember, self-care is the BEST care. Take care!

Boss Mom Gabby 💋

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