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Marriage by Ashley Mark.

Photo by Truth Enock

Next time I'll have more experience.

Next time I'll have more understanding.

Next time I'll be patient. Patiently waiting.....but there really is no such thing as wrong.

There's just either you tried or you didn't.

I didn't try before. I ran. I cowered. I hid. I pretended. Fake smiles. Forced happiness. Shrunken personalities. Everything except a good ol' try. Everything except showing my real self.

There's no wrong. There's only a wrong time.

It wasn't a waste.

It was just too early for one of us.

Patience is a virtue that you can't have when you're rushing.

I wanted you as you are....and then were because time passed but we didn't grow. Now we can't go.....any farther than this.

There's no such thing as bliss.

There is realness and acceptance of where we are and where we want to be.

Is there trust?!

Are we free to be whoever we want to be?!

Is this big enough for you and me?! I thought I wanted marriage but this sounds more like unity. No bondage. I just want to be free. I just want to be me....with you!

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