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Letters of Love- Part III by Kaula Thomas

Photo by Tasha Jolley

Dear “Wholeheartedly Devasted”,

I imagine you’re wondering how you got here, at rock bottom, in what seems like mere moments. I understand that form of panic that can consume even the most resilient version of you because I’m there too. 

This infamous “there” where light isn’t even courteous enough to be fleeting. Your neighbors, failure and hopelessness, bicker in that same darkness and you just wish they’d take it to the other room. But all-time lows have never been advertised as spacious.

Girl, move out!

I get it, you had plans. You were on a trajectory to a future you envisioned when you wrote that 5-year plan five years ago. But what I’m learning is that the universe does not abide by our very limited views on what we can become. I promise one day you’ll be grateful for that.

As for now, I encourage you to take time to be present in your defeat. Be frustrated, disappointed,  and humbled by the forces that be that put you in that darkness. Cry if need be, because my grown ass cried too. And when you’re ready, accept that you already have the most powerful tool to start anew; yourself. 

A wise woman once said, “You wanna fly, you got to give up that shit that weighs you down”. Don’t let your ideal future rob you of the one you actually deserve; one you couldn’t even fathom.

So Girl, fly!

Keep in mind there’s more than one trajectory towards success, happiness, love, etc. Rock bottom teaches us that we didn’t know what we thought we knew. We made a few wrong turns. Maybe even more than we’d like to admit. But mistakes are only worthwhile when we’re open to learning from them. However, you might want to get rid of your two roommates first. 

And Girl, failure doesn’t make me any less proud of you.

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