Legacy by Jasmine Williams

I want to put a fire in your belly -

This intense burning sensation

To take life by storm,

Obliterate all the things that tell you

That you cannot;

Those evil whispers that slither into your ears,

Detach them at the membrane;

Dismantle every lie that says

You are less than;

Rage against every form of hate -

I mean violently,


Channel those hurricane-force winds;

Knockdown those seeming obstacles

Served up as growing pains.

I want you to rain

Heavy and hard

Until it hails;

Until they hail;

Until you REIGN.

Royalty -

A rose that grows from concrete;

Your beauty

Cut from a cloth,

Ordained from above.

Is the fire lit yet?

With each striking match,

You have the privilege

To consume,

And to set ablaze the souls you touch.

The darkness needs light;

That is YOU.

Your presence is like being dipped in the sun.

Your job is to burn;

Do it so passionately that the world must stop and stare.

Do it so passionately that it leaves us gasping for air.

Do it so passionately that you ignite us to burn as brightly as you do.

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