Into Me

Photo taken by Fabian Møller on Unsplash

Taking a moment to reflect

On what’s been lost

and what’s been replaced

He’s breathed life into me

Unknown to sex and gender

And though no longer

I ask again that you trust me once again

Breathe life into me

A new color spectrum

Mixed with your new reds

And my old blues

Creating a purple of unknown

Breathe into me your regrets

Your transgressions

To create new beginnings

And I’m not claiming

That I can fix the messes

But I’m willing to get deep into your trenches

Battling those demons

Loving those things that you, hate about you

Because they make you

And I want you to use those things

To breathe into me

Life unknown to sex and gender

Breathing into this world

A new color spectrum

Of your new reds

And my old blues

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