I Am WOMAN by Jasmine Williams

I am WOMAN. Have you seen me? Did I become invisible? Folded into your roles to suit your needs.

As WOMAN I am mother, the giver of life, whose breath revitalizes the weak.

I am the earth that soaks in all your tears. I hear all your cries and listen to each fear.

I am the stillness, the comfort, the one who nurtures.

As woman I bear and lay bare. But who cares for me?

As I toil and labor, who folds themselves into a role for me?


Strong and Complete

That’s how they view me but I too stand in need

To be HEARD- To be SEEN


With a voice that resounds like the sound of lightning

When it strikes I am the sound Of POWER


Uninhibited feminine energy

Complexities as vast as the sea. I am steeped in beauty and glory.


Earth, Mother, Daughter

Sister, Friend, Lover,

Doctor, Lawyer, Fixer

Claire, Annalise, Olivia

I can be who you need. I know you see me.

I am WOMAN- The GIFT- Unbox me

Unfold me from these Roles and truly see me

I cannot be contained by your labels

I am so much more than your mold

I am not just your gift but a gift to me

Infinite in dreams- Uninhibited possibilities

Fighter… Survivor… THRIVING

You See ME

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