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Fierce by Lounda Charelus

Photo by Kreated Media on Unsplash

It eases on you.

Chills in your bones.


Clammy palms,

Sweat hitting the bruised floors like raindrops,

There’s something there.

It settles like dust,

It seems to be permeating the air,


Sneering, curling its lip

And exposing its teeth in the darkness,

It’s eyes stalking me like prey.

It’s gaze,

Glaring from a distance.

There’s something there.

Following me with its eyes,

Patiently waiting to prance.

Breathing becoming harder,

Stillness took over and fear crept in.

Should I run or face this demon.

Look into its eyes and


Exposing my own ferociousness.

Matching its darting eyes.

Sinking my teeth and tearing this beast apart.

Watching its blood taint the soil.

I can’t bear it any longer.

A deep bellow growl escaped off into the night,

To signal the fight.

To crown me, victorious, over my foe.

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