Don't Forget Her... By DeLisha Sylvester

I remember when Sandy was


They say she still speaks but

I wonder if we hear her.

I remember when Korryn was


They blamed her death on her mouth

Said she was unworthy of our protests.

I remember when Aiyanna was


Surely a child’s life deserved justice

Instead, we got a mistrial.

I remember when Natasha McKenna was


From her, I learned that my mental distress

Could get me tased to death.

I remember when Kathryn Johnston was


She reminded me of my nana

and I wondered what she had seen throughout life.

With each case,

Instead of saying less,

Black women said more

To prove we were

Worth the same traction as

Freddie, Trayvon, and Eric.

No, it ain’t a competition

But I would be remiss if

I ignored the not so subtle way

Black lives matter has become

Black men matter.

Taking it a step further,

Know that when I say “men,”

Know that man is not created equal.

So if you are Black and a woman

Your death is harder to remember -

Your name slips from their tongues less

Unless you check all the boxes.

You can’t be fat or too dark

Can’t be uneducated or too loud

Can’t be unmarried with children

Can’t be single without

Can’t be straight, can’t be trans

Can’t be thin, can’t be tan

Can’t be light, can’t be outspoken

Can’t be silent, can’t be a smoker.

Making this list, I find myself running out of things we can’t be -

Realizing what they are telling me is

To be remembered, a woman is what I can’t be.

But I remember.

We remember that while we took to the streets for George in May,

Breonna lay dead in March -

Less than two months apart...and yet

We can’t seem to remember

To say her name.

But I do...

Do you?

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