Do You Feel Better Now by Desire Grose

Photo by Krystal Dixonon Unsplash

What if I told you that self-care is where I lose my mind?

Something I want no one to see moments in time where I retreat and before I recognize all of me I completely lose my mind

Self-care is where I hold myself tight let myself cry let myself die no I cannot share my time when I need to lose my mind

It is that sacred, vulnerable space a treasured field a guarded place where I surrender and fall in grace and put my demons out of their minds

For a bubble bath is as soothing as it seems but it can do nothing for tormented dreams what I need more than anything is somewhere to lay my mind

In the mirror I confront the woman inside I look in her eyes I reveal her lies I dance in her lows and make peace with her byes searching for freedom outside of her mind

I silence the world and give the woman the room rooting her deeply preparing her bloom shedding her pain nurturing her wounds journeying out of her mind

I shout! I laugh! I spin in place while sorrow escapes down my face there is no shame for I cannot wait to lose my mind on those self-care days

Desire Grose is a contributing writer for BSW Chronicles. You can find out more about her by following her on Instagram @desiregrose.

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