Art of a Kiss

Photo by Juliette F on Unsplash

We were so twisted when we kissed

He repeated it in my ear

Over and over again

As Bacardi rum-filled my nose

Wonder if he noticed when I kissed him

He tried to lay his arm under my head

But I preferred his head on my chest, and he seemed good like that

Breathing heavily from lack of sleep

I massaged his head with my fingertips

In heaven, I was as I moved him on his back

And I watched him as he slept

Massaging cervices

And he didn’t even flinch

And when I kissed him

I lightly bit his bottom lip

And then gently kissed his neck

His forehead was next

I took a bite of his ear lobe

He slightly awoke rubbing my back

I asked if he was ok

He replied half-sleep yes

I placed my head on his chest

And listened for his heartbeat

Wonder if he noticed when I told him

I was falling. for him

Positions switched

I knelt before him

And kissed him even though he was mad

I kissed him and continued

And he let go….

Wonder if he noticed

I had fallen for him

When I brought my face close to his

And kissed his forbidden lips

Lightly biting the bottom

Then whispering something in his ear

That my mind can’t seem to remember

I slowly moved back and just looked into them deep brown eyes

As if to say tame me

I will rebel against you

Are you up for the challenge?

Give me kisses

Déme los besos

Déme el papá de los besos

Mi cabeza está loca para usted

Mi corazón está derritiendo para usted

And I can’t stop it

Wouldn’t want to

Because with pain is pleasure

And with rejection comes acceptance

So take my kisses as the realness

And I’ll take yours as I sign

That you might care

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