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A-FRAYED by Tonya Childers

Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash

Today, my emotions are frayed -

As I contemplate the hate;

As we lay earth on more graves;

As they retain black bodies in chains.

Today, my heart is frayed -

When we wake up to more of the same;

When the silence screams our pain;

When we find justice yet unattained.

Today, my nerves are frayed -

Because my husband went outside;

Because my brother went for a drive;

Because my people just want to survive.

Today, on my knees I pray -

For the men who won’t come home;

For the woman who answers the phone;

For the babies who will suffer alone.

Today, I am A-FRAYED. But I am not AFRAID.

We are strong in our spiritual faith.

We see unity in our community in waves.

And I pray for that elusive day,

When we will have knit the frays.

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