In amplifying the voices of black women BSW is working with artists to continuously add to that collection with their own experiences. Please take a look at our artist's bios and learn more about them and their endeavors.

Desire Grose

Desiré Grose is a Chicago based writer who is passionate about helping young black women to lead authentic and emotionally healthy lives. Through sharing her own personal experiences and learnings, Desiré hopes to create a space where black women can feel seen and confident sharing the stories that have shaped who they are today. As a writer, Desiré describes herself as a black woman who uses the written word to challenge the reaction to be afraid of her imagination. By day, she is a marketing and communications writer and copy editor for an international law firm. When she is not writing, you can find her unwinding at a hot Bikram Yoga session, enjoying a new rooftop happy hour with friends, or in light of the pandemic, spending time at home.

Kara Ireland

Kara Ireland is a 21 year old lesbian author, poet, and blogger from Atlanta, Georgia. She is the author of Journals, Walk A Mile, The Silence, The Game Plan, and Ghosts. She is currently pursuing a Masters of American Studies and has a degree in English and Creative Writing. When she’s not advocating for Black, LGBT, and women’s rights, she is writing short stories and performing spoken word poetry. 


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Instagram: kelisebooks 

Facebook: K. Elise Books


Courtney Thornton

Courtney "Coco" Thornton is from Richmond, VA. Though she is only 25, she likes to consider herself a bit of an "old soul".  Nothing makes her feel quite at peace like a good book, a bundle of sage, and a cup of tea. However, her real joy comes from storytelling.  She believes that "as black women, we are the ultimate storytellers. Our words, experiences, and ancestry shape us and give us a magic unique from other cultures."  She writes to experience that magic and to hopefully pass it along to others.  Her writing usually reflects her experiences of trauma, love, self-growth, mental health, and healing. She hopes to speak her truth while inspiring you to be courageous and vulnerable. If you enjoy her writing, let her know on Instagram, @orangeucoco.

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