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There comes a point in your life where you realize you’re just trying to get to the top of the mountain. As a black woman you realize that there are many hills and valleys before you even get to the starting line. Both inside and outside of our community we must fight to stay sane while our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, are harassed, abused, beaten, and murdered. Yet at the same time we must suck it up and play into the idea that we are the “strong black woman.” We are constantly asked to save everyone while no one saves us. While there are moments of black girl magic, they often go unnoticed unless attributed to someone else. We continuously sit on the sidelines, being put down for our attributes, while our likeness are often praised when used by others. Our physical attributes become caricatures, and relished over when on someone else’s body while we remain ridiculed. If someone were to ask me why I created this site, I would have to say it was out of necessity. I needed a place for me. I needed a place where I could scream, curse, speak out on various issues, be silly, and ultimately showcase the many sides of a black woman.

DeLisha "De" Sylvester


I’m just your everyday melanin filled, black girl with a fire in her belly and something to say. So I created this space as a sanctuary. A healing place, a place where I could say what I want without worrying whether or not it was politically correct. I realized that often times the stories of black women are ignored. We become the whispers in the background, the ghosts in the night. Personally, I’ve always felt it was important to be transparent because it helps others. So for me this space is therapeutic and allows me to address the issues that many of my sisters go through silently


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